Send in the Zen!

Today I went on another kitty rescue mission. However, this time, it was the cat of a friend. She’s in the hospital (the friend, not the cat) and, so, I went over to her home to keep her foster cat Hudson company. I think Hudson is now a permanent resident, no longer a foster. Don’t tell him that, though.


While visiting, I also decided to clean up the place a little bit. 3 hours later, I was satisfied. It was then that I came across an odd sight…. For some background, the woman who owns this apartment on the upper east side of Manhattan is a 70-year-old hippie. So, it did not surprise me to learn that, to this day, she sells pot in order to make rent-money. Knowing this, I was still a bit caught off-guard when I came across a little bag full of tiny seeds tucked away in a small box under a desk. Next to the seeds, I found a lighter and small, thin, white papers.

Me being the “MythBuster” I am, I decided to see what all the fuss was about with this “weed” the kids are talking about. So, I packed a few of the seeds in the middle of the thin paper, I rolled it up to the point where it looked like armpit hair attempting to escape from under someone’s arm, and I lit up. Puff, puff, cough. Cough, cough, cough, cough…. Puff(?)

By now, the buzz was running through me! I could feel it, man!! I jumped on the computer. What could these amazing marijuana seeds be!? Google, Google, Google…..

And, hey, I just smoked celery seeds!  TADA!

At this point, I decided it was time to get food. Shake it off, just shake off the shame.

A few blocks away from the celery seed incident, I found ‘Zen Palate’! Maybe Chinese, maybe Thai, not entirely sure. It was vegan, though, and that was good enough for me. Not to mention, it was time to celebrate Yom Kippur! Some people fast for this holiday. In my case, I only fast between meals. It just makes more sense.unnamed

The restaurant was nice inside. It was classy and neat, but not overly-dramatic. Between the Frank Sinatra playing and the Princess Diana photos on the walls– wait, why are there five huge photos of Princess Diana on the wall? Meh. Eat now, ask questions later. It looked like a snazzy place.


The menu was rather extensive. As a matter of fact, there were three menus. Special, drink, and regular. No shortage of options. The only tricky thing was keeping track of each option and looking at what had what and what came with what and where everything was! Sadly, there was only one cheap appetizer option. I decided to go with a full meal instead and save tummy room/money for dessert. On the menu outside, I saw mention of key lime pie. That was worth saving space for!

The picture I took of the menu includes the meal I ordered. Otherwise, there’s no chance of me remembering what I ate. Turns out I had the “Shepherd Pie Croquette”. This came with the basil moo shu rolls, but no rice. Fortunately, I had been eyeing the peanut moo shu rolls earlier, so I figured it would be a good opportunity to try these. Sorry, rice, maybe next time!


My meal came pretty quickly. Although, considering there were only two other patrons, this wasn’t too impressive. However, it did look pretty. Everything neatly placed, no two parts touching, and the plate itself was nice and metallic. Oh, boy! Food tastes better on silver, shiny plates.

The first thing I tried was the kim chi (pickled cabbage.) This was quite delicious! The cabbage pieces were big and crunchy, and they had plenty of vinegar, but not to the point of burning lips. Super tasty. Unfortunately, moving onto the “salad” (which was some lettuce and a single tomato) and the much-anticipated moo shu rolls, I couldn’t say the same. The rolls seemed to be primarily basil, but basil wasn’t even mentioned in the ingredients! Both of these were rather boring and didn’t really affect my life in any way. Maybe I set the standards too high.

Although, when I finally got to my croquettes, things began to improve. I should point out, though, anything other than potato that was mentioned on the menu didn’t really seem to make itself known. I wasn’t sure if I was eating “soy protein, corn, and veggies” or just had something stuck in my teeth. The dish also came with two sauces that were equally insignificant. Both were very light, which was good, but this also meant they didn’t do much for my food. One was possibly a ginger something-or-other, and one must have been the teriyaki sauce. More like t-AIR-iyaki sauce, if you ask me. I’m saying it didn’t taste like anything. Did you get that?

In other news, the potato was really great! Super squishy mashed potatoes in a crunchy dumpling. Magnifique! Keep in mind, my only past experience with potato croquettes was the kind my Austrian-Hugarian grandmother would make when I was little. Clearly, these were very different. Dare I say, these were better? 


Potato croquette >>>>






When it came time for my key lime pie, you know, key lime pie hour, I requested my dessert from the waiter. He then informed me that they don’t have dessert. Any. No dessert at all in the entire restaurant.

Ahem. I will end my review here. That is all you need to know.

Tune in next time when I review something else!

Rating: 5/10 unicorn hugs

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