Winter Time Gift Season!

Most of us are pretty excited about the upcoming holidays, am I right? The food, the family, the presents, and most of all, time off  from work/school! That’s the best of it because time off means time to travel!
Where are you traveling this vacation break? To visit family and friends? Or are you off to get some sunshine? I’ll be going to Taipei for 2.5 weeks in January! Believe me, I am hoping for some gifts to make my trip easier!

Between all the luggage, maps, camera lenses, and every other knick knack that your beloved traveler owns, what is there left for you to get them?! You’re not alone in your uncertainty. Someone who travels a lot may want to bring a memento from home to remember you, but they don’t want something that will take up their entire suitcase! Seriously, no one needs a platinum vase or a bayonet covered in the blood of Captain Colonel Fried Chicken- that’ll never make it through security.

So, what can you buy your favourite little world traveler without being their beast of burden? Here are some great holiday/birthday/gifts to show you care to the traveler who drives you crazy with 10,000 photos every trip:

Unimportant but fun:

Scratch the World Map. Let’s be real, no one NEEDS a scratch-off map in their life, but who wouldn’t want one? It’s all the satisfaction of a scratch lottery ticket without the disappointment of not being a millionaire! Because being a traveler is way better than having stacks of Benjamins in your cellar. Not to mention, your traveler doesn’t have to brag about his/her travels anymore, the map says it all! Classy.

Buy it here:  

Lonely Planet Coloring Book. Every traveler has taken a gander at Lonely Planet’s website once or twice over time. It’s an integral part of world travel. If your traveler has more than a slight obsession with this site, endures the torture of long flights repeatedly, and has an artiste in his/her heart just waiting to be released, this is probably the way to go. Get a colouring book or two, some pencils, and release that inner rainbow! Go ‘head with yo crafty self! Besides, as the title says, it’s ULTIMATE!

Buy it:

Carry On Cocktail Kit. Are you an alcoholic? No, of course not! But your traveling friend might be. Speaking of long flights, those flights during the flight are never long enough for some of us. Why not prepare that ol’ boozer in your life? Not much else to say. It’s cool, it’s simple, and most people are gonna appreciate it. Just be sure your bud didn’t just join AA, eh?

Buy the simple version here:


A little upgrade:

World Map Scarf. You know that person who is always cold? ( When they get on that plane they’re going to be frozen! Of course they forgot to bring a sweater on the trip to Hawaii! Fear not, you have prepared them with something even better, a scarf! Not just any scarf, but something beautiful that they can wear and let everyone else in airport know that someone loves them. Or that they’re a mature adult who is prepared for anything!
*Not a functional map. You will end up dead if you attempt to use it as such.

There are lots of different styles, but this is the one I liked the most:

Moleskine Class Notebook. Don’t worry, folks, no moles were harmed in the making of this notebook. I don’t know if people really handwrite their wishes, dreams, and experiences anymore, but most people like to bring a notebook and pretend they will. Rather than writing important details down on their arm, napkins, and hotel notepads, every traveler should be equipped with a handy dandy little black book. Oui?
Buy one here:

Unique Camera Strap. You want to support your nephew and his photography hobby, but you really don’t want to buy him a camera or a lens or anything else that requires you to speak with a nerd at your local camera shop. I understand. Talking to people is hard. Why not keep it simple with a one-size-fits-all camera strap? Buy a different design for every outfit he owns, if you want. There are lots of them out there! You can’t go wrong with a strap to keep one’s precious camera close by and safe while hiking and skiing and boating and flying.

Here’s one you can buy:

Smartphone Printer. Technology is happening and you can either get onboard or get thrown over. I recommend the former. How cool is this product, though? This is a gift for someone you actually like or have to impress because it’s a little more pricey, but it’s perfect for someone who does anything, really. Whether they’re traveling the world or traveling the city, this is a fun little doodad to slide into one’s bag and get photos printed from their phone. It’s a little old-fashioned for those who like to save photos and frame them, but it’s also super modern and handy! I want one.

Buy it for me (or someone else) here:  

Packing Cubes. You want to know what every traveler really needs and of which one can never have enough? Packing cubes are the biggest trend in travel, and with good reason! They’re great for organizing one’s life on the road and make the awful job of packing and unpacking so much less stressful. These also minimize one’s need for a second suitcase, and we all know how pricey extra luggage is nowadays. Back in my day…. Eh. Needless to say, these will bring a smile to your traveler’s face.

You know the drill. Buy ’em here:    

Global Adapter. Remember that time your traveler flew across the world only to realize they forgot that things plug in to other things? I do. Taking that walk of shame around town to find an adapter was not one of which I am proud. Don’t let your second cousin do the same thing. Solve all of life’s problems and just give your clueless little second cousin an adapter that will work even when they’re stranded in the desert with two headhunters. At least they can charge up and take a photo of their last moments. Aw.

Save the memories by buying it here:

Platypus PlusBottle. Who wants to receive a water bottle for the holidays? A traveler probably does. Especially a water bottle with a platypus on it. Look at him go! He’s giving you all the water! It’s one of those things we don’t usually think about, but yeah, carrying water is as difficult as it is important. Clunky water bottles are wasteful, not cost efficient, and make all kinds of weird and obnoxious noises. Save your travel bug some trouble and give a bottle that is relatively small, can be shoved into tight spaces, and won’t leak… hopefully. This particular bottle got good reviews, so I think it’s a safe bet.

Here ya are. You can thank me later:


Honestly, I could list 100 more items! Traveling requires lots of bits and pieces, and there are so many other things that are just dang useful to have. But I hope some of these items inspired you!
What do you think is the best gift to give the traveler in your life?

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