The Wise, Old, Blue Sage

Southampton, Pennsylvania… have you been? You’ve maybe heard of it, or even been once. Maybe you know someone who used to live there. I’ve been quite a few times, but I hadn’t been to Blue Sage Vegetarian Grille.

Let me take a moment to explain something to you folks….

As a noun, grill refers to (1) a cooking surface using parallel metal bars, (2) a device that cooks with a grill, or (3) a restaurant offering grilled food. As a verb, it means (1) to grill, or (2) to question relentlessly. Grille, which is only a noun, usually refers to a grating used as a screen or barrier on a window or on the front of an automobile.

Grille is often used instead of grill in restaurant names—e.g., Salt Creek Grille, O’Connell’s Irish Pub & Grille, Arooga’s Grille & Sports Bar. There’s no good reason for this. It’s just something some restaurateurs do.


Now you know. There is absolutely no reason to add an ‘e’ after grill in the name of a restaurant. Glad we cleared nothing up.

Now, back to relevant matters…. A friend finally got me up to Pennsylvania for a few hours in order to try Blue Sage. Of course, this was after the PATH train was shut down and I sat in a tea/book shop for about 30 minutes due to a suspicious package. Then, since my timing was off, I jumped on the NJ Transit train last second without a ticket. The ticket is normally $12, but on the train it’s $17. SO, I had to find the conductor and beg him to spare me. After about 10 seconds of whining, he gave me the $12 ticket. Boom! Feminism wins again!

Long story short, we finally got to Blue Sage. From the outside, it’s rather plain-looking and uninteresting, but inside it’s very cozy and well decorated! The vintage, rustic, cottage vibe put me in the mood for a bonfire, tobacco, and whale sounds on cassette.


See? Absolutely adorable. Big enough to fit a family or group of friends… or, if your family members are your only friends, that works, too! Not too big, though. Agoraphobic-friendly is a biggie.

Upon being seated, the first thing we hear is, “Anne. Anne! ANNE!”

Next to me is Grandma Lucy, or so I predict. G-ma is calling over Clueless Annie who’s about a foot away telling the waiter she’s looking for her friend. Mind you, there are only about 4 other people at tables. The options were limited. Fortunately, “Lucy” and Anne were reunited after the 7th recital of “ANNE!”

After this outburst, they were otherwise polite and quiet…. As polite and quiet as two older ladies can be in public. The good news is, Lucy informed me that the food was delicious. So, that’s a relief.

The food-selecting portion of the evening was next. This process only took about a fortnight. Fortunately, in the meantime, my friend ordered iced tea. I declined at first, but then the waitress repeated, “Wildberry iced tea?” That “wildberry” got me. I needed to get in on that.

Once the fortnight passed, my friend and I decided on our food choices. He ordered an appetizer, however, and I did not. I was glad for this, though, since the waitress brought me chips and some kind of white bean dip. It was smokey and absolutely amazing. This gave me the power to select a meal. For the record, I got the Shepherd’s Pie and my friend ordered the Khorma.

Shepherd’s Pie: Green curry coconut poblano broth with pumpkin, pastel vegetables, pearl onions, and giant couscous topped with white yam rosette. $18.75

The ingredients in this pie make me question everything. What IS a pie? And, why don’t other people make them this magical?

Khorma: Red lentils, butternut squash and leeks in a warm house curry, topped with oven-dried black grapes, pistachios, crispy tandoori cauliflower, and mint yogurt $18.95

Where do they come up with this stuff? Although, I’m pretty sure “oven-dried black grapes” are just raisins…. Nonetheless, my im- is -pressed.

To re-cap: The iced tea was refreshing and tasty, (and unlimited refills) the white bean dip was fantastic as an appetizer (and was free… Shouldn’t it be “Death by Bean Dip”?) and all the dishes on the menu were super unique and creative.

Now, the question lingers: Was this “unique and creative” food yummy?

I don’t know about the khorma since I didn’t try it, but I heard good things. Plus, the presentation was lovely.


As someone who hates Winter, I no longer fear it. Just because this meal looked and smelled like the King of Winter. With him in control of things, I have no reason to fear. Also notice how my friend’s hand and spoon are hovering there, super anxious to eat. I stopped him and was all like, “But, like, other people knowing what your food looks like is more important than you eating it, so….”

My meal, I can definitely say was ermahgerd!



Can we call this a Shepherd’s Pie? We did and we are, so accept it. Look how green it is! Add the iced tea on the side and you have Christmas in the bag. Wait- epiphany~ There was no mention of mashed potatoes on the menu… does that mean that lump on top was white yam? NO WAY!

I enjoyed my meal. My meal was enjoyable. And, as someone who isn’t big on couscous, I found myself fishing for it. Every part of this meal was special. I could have done without the pearl onions, but they were pretty! And rather than passing them by, I did eat them. I don’t know why. I don’t have any regrets, though.

Needless to say, we didn’t have tummy-room for dessert.

Should you try Blue Sage? I absolutely think you should treat yourself or a special little vegan/vegetarian you know to a meal here. My biggest qualm is related to the prices, but you do get what you pay for. There was a lot of food and my friend and I both had a wonderful experience.

Tune in next time when I review something else!

Rating: A 9.5/10 unicorn hugs

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