Sneaky Vegan: Two Delicious Pizzeria

Hey, vegans… do you want this in your mouth?


This slice of pizza with its gooey cheese, hot veggies, and just the right amount of red pepper flakes, garlic, and Italian seasonings (vague but accurate.) ?

How about this, do you want this slice?


This one is called Mother Earth…. It wasn’t very good. It was dry and had too much dough, but maybe you’re into that. All the carbs you need for gym-energy. Makes it okay. It’s okay, little vegan, you’ll have lots of energy. Eat the slice. And, hey, look at that amazing pirate I partially coloured in. Pizza ahoy, matey! Pizza… mm, yeahh….


Pun pizza. You know you can’t resist this cheesy line. What.

Two Boots pizzeria is spreading all over the country, and fast. It’s spreading like money when the health inspector comes to New York. (Wha she say!? No, she din’t!) She did.

I even went for a job interview there and got a job. I then rejected the offer because I’m better than $11 an hour… and my school hours didn’t fit their schedule. No matter. Point being, they wanted me. They explained that Two Boots was founded by some cool, artsy dude who directed a little movie, made some money, and then decided to open a pizza joint. Upon further private investigation, (I went on their website) I discovered that the story they tell is a bit longer and more fancy-like. So… clearly, the guy left out some important details with me. I’m so mad.

Still, the best part about Two Boots is the sweet decor. unnamed-1

I mean, this isn’t a very good picture, but you can see it’s not your ordinary pizzeria. Colour, celebrity faces, hanging beads, cool counters…. All that good stuff. Not to mention, they always have a bunch of customers!

Two Boots is very cool, and the people are very nice. During the hiring process, this was emphasized. Uniqueness, open-mindedness, art, and just general enjoyment. I definitely respect that attitude. Freaks welcome, basically. Although this place is not entirely vegan (boohoo) it’s definitely vegan-friendly (thus, sneaky vegan!) Even though it’s a pizzeria, you just know going in that there will be vegan options. Best vegan pizza ever? Nah. Not to mention, they seem to switch up the one or two vegan choices they have per day, so you never know what you’re getting into, but if you want to feel like one of the normal kids and eat pizza, then they’ll make that happen. People also seem to dig the cheese slices, too. Not to mention, they do serve garlic knots, cookies, and alcohol. Basically, all the necessities in life.

I do like coming here and I quite enjoy their food. Although its become a chain, it’s not your average chain. They’re individually owned, so local people are opening them up and making the magic happen, and they’re doing cool things. Respect.

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Rating: 9/10 unicorn hugs

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