Retraction Statement Regarding Chloe’s

Apologizing isn’t really a strength of mine. It is rare that I will kneel down and express my misdeeds and incorrect information. On the other hand, if someone punches me and knocks down my Legos, I’ll be the one saying I’m sorry…. Funny.

When it comes to my reviews, however, I will typically stand by them. I have strong opinions and always feel very confident about what I post.

Still, I am no fool. When I am wrong, I am wrong. When I make hasty judgments, I am willing to stand corrected.

Such is the case with Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit Company in the West Village of New York City.

After my last review of Chloe’s, I was contacted by an employee of their company named Lindsey. Lindsey cared about my opinion and wanted to ensure my experience at Chloe’s was as perfect as possible. Unlike most companies, she reached out to me and invited me back to sample more soft serve fruit.  She didn’t try to convince or sway me, she simply asked that I meet with her and try something different.

So, I met with Lindsey. I tried the flavours I didn’t try last time. Silly me, there were free samples, and I skipped them right over. Then I had the gall to base my opinions of the establishment on one item? Shame on me.


I tried pumpkin, strawberry, and mango soft serve. All of them were refreshing and yummy!

Pumpkin tasted a bit like sweet potato. I wonder if they added spices to it. They must have. It was nice and wintery.

Then I tried strawberry.

You know, strawberry was never my thing. I mean, I like the concept of the strawberry! Plus, everyone always acts like they are some Heavenly fruit. Really, I’ve always wanted to be honest and say, “Mom…. Dad…. I don’t like strawberries.”

Shock. Horror.

I never had the nerve, though. I’ve stayed in the strawberry closet my entire life. Until now. World! This is me! I DON’T LOVE STRAWBERRIES!

But, actually, Chloe’s strawberry soft serve was quite good! It wasn’t overly sweet like the artificial stuff. It was funny and sweet and adorable and complimented my shoes.

The real prize winner, though, was mango. Mango is just a good, good, really good fruit. I really enjoyed this sample.

In the end I ordered a dark chocolate soft serve. Only because I hadn’t tasted it yet. Chocolate… y’know? I also got almond slices and coconut on top. Voila! Fluffy, chocolatey, and just what I needed to keep me awake during class in the evening… without all the added sugar and excess calories!


Not to mention, when the store isn’t busy being bombarded with goofy college girls, the cashiers are really friendly. They were full of smiles and gave me lots of love. The kind one can only get in a cup of fruit soft serve.

Keep in mind, Chloe’s also has waffles, pies, smoothies, sundaes, and ice pops. Something for every person in every season!

I also quickly want to throw in a mention of the heart and sprit at Chloe’s. The moment I met Lindsey and her colleague Aimee, I could tell that they love their jobs. It sounds like working at Chloe’s really gives a person the ability to advance in the company. They were enjoying themselves, therefore, I was enjoying myself. All the employees were happy and having a righteous time! Any company that can provide good foods, good services, and keep their employees happy is an A+ in my book. Mad respect.

Therefore, I retract my last rating, and officially and formally give Chloe’s….

Rating: 10/10 Unicorn Hugs.

I hope they will forgive me for my previously misguided review. Thanks for the wonderful experience!

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