World Peace Mini Burrito

I did it, guys! All these years of hard work and aggravation, and I, little old me solved our planet’s biggest problem throughout history. I have brought cultures together and created world peace.

It’s true. Nearly every culture has been collected and blended together in my brand new mini burrito recipe. Not, like, every single country or whatever, not even every single race, but about 3 cultures have been intertwined and will forever live in peace. This will set a precedence and all other nations shall follow suit. Just you wait and see!

Heck, I could make this burrito even more culturally diverse, but my ingredients were limited. So, that’s to blame, really. Still, the message and the deliciousness stand, and you’ll be so happy.


1- Whole wheat tortilla (mine were only 60 calories! Huzzah!)

2- Yves or Tofurky deli slices (Ham, Pepperoni, Roast Beef…. The Irish, Italians, and Jews all represented)

3- Black beans… because what’s a Mexican burrito without black beans?

4- Turmeric representing Asia! woot, woot!

5- Za’atar for my Middle Easterners.

6- Something Australian. Maybe share your burrito with a large spider? OOH! Or drink a Foster’s with it.

7- Serve it COLD. Like Antarctica. Very cold.

8- What is African about this meal? Well, I’ll tell you what’s African about it! THE RICE! Yes. Absolutely. I didn’t leave out the necessary African rice. So. Yeah. Eat the rice.

Okay… I’m not gonna lie, the real meal I made was pretty much just an Asian/Middle Eastern Burrito, but I wanted to do something bigger. Something that would change the world. Please don’t dash my dreams.

However you can think to make this burrito more universal, you do your thing. You make it happen.

Meanwhile, I just tucked those sweet ingredients into my tortilla, attempted to roll up a burrito about 5 times, then reacted like I had cured tuberculosis when it worked out. Long story short, my burrito was amazing.

IMG_3955 IMG_3953