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Vegan Cooking at Home: Tofu Pizza

Now, I don’t claim to be a good cook, but I believe anyone can whip up a warm, delicious vegan meal at home. Just as long as you packed your creativity, open-mindedness, and an average amount of common sense.

The last few days, for dinner I’ve been eating raw tofu on toasted whole wheat pita. If you’re like me, you love raw tofu. If you’re like most people, and have maintained some sanity throughout the years, you hate raw tofu. You hate it so much that you made a “Raw Tofu Stinks” party and invited all of raw tofu’s friends, but not raw tofu. Kind of a jerk move… I like it.

So, tonight I decided to make a super easy meal from that boring tofu. Anyone can make this dish in any kitchen in only 10-15 minutes!

My brain thought harder than it has thought in years! Let’s see… I have tofu, I have pita, I have soy cheese, and I have old tomato sauce that I bought for a dollar (did I mention that I am super, super “thrifty”?)

10 minutes later an epiphany hit me, and the rest is history! I present to you:



1- Tofu

2- Mini Whole Wheat Pita

3- Soy Cheese (Jalapeno optional)

4- Garlic + Onion Powder

5- Hot Sauce (optional)

6- Cayenne Pepper

7- Olive Oil (I used sunflower oil because it’s what I had)

8- Tomato Sauce


A- Drain tofu and cut into small cubes.

B- Place tofu in pan on stove with oil, cayenne pepper, garlic, and onion (powdered or chopped.)

C- While this is cooking, mix tomato sauce and spices of choice, if necessary (Because my tomato sauce was 99 cents, it was pretty disgusting. I added hot sauce to make it yummy!)

D- Lightly paint each pita half with oil, then top with tomato sauce and soy cheese.

E- Remove tofu from pan after all sides have been cooked, and add on top of sauce.

F- Throw (or place) pizza in your toaster oven on ‘Light Toast’ setting. Set it higher if you want it crunchy. Obviously, this requires a horizontal toaster. If yours is vertical, you’ll have to either use an oven or toast the pita before adding toppings.

G- Remove pizzas carefully, shed a tear of pride, and eat, you fool, eat!unnamed

The second pita was really bendy, so it turned into a pizza roll. Clever little guy!

These make a delicious dinner! It was a satisfying meal requiring very little ingredients, time, and skill. You can also make mini pizza rolls as a party snack! Woo!

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