Cracker Snackers

Vegan Cooking at Home: Crackers with Herbs

Listen, if I can make a healthy and delicious vegan snack in a matter of seconds, anyone can do it! Let’s be real- healthy people are the worst. They go out of their way to eat things us normal people wouldn’t eat in a million years, then they make sure everyone else knows about it.

Me: What’s that you’re eating?

Person who doesn’t have anemia and a pale tongue: Healthy food.

Me: My mom says we can’t hang out anymore…. So…. bye!

However, sometimes vegan meals/snacks/existence is just healthy by definition. It’s unavoidable. Nutrients and green, leafy things force their way into our lives. This being the case, I decided to join them rather than beat them. Thus, I created the easiest, healthy snack to ever happen. They offer flavour, nurients, green things, and bragging rights.

Cracker Snacks


1- Favourite flat cracker of choice (I love me some Saltines)

2- Vegan butter, vegan cream cheese, hummus, and/or nut butter

3- Tarragon, chives, raisins, broccoli, banana chips, and/or sunflower seeds

4- Hot sauce, pepper, cayenne pepper, cumin, turmeric, cinnamon, za’atar

5- Combine ingredients on each crack as you like. I tried:

Soy butter, chives, broccoli, cumin

Soy cream cheese, tarragon, turmeric

Hummus, hot sauce, za’atar

Raisins, cinnamon, peanut butter, banana chips, sunflower seeds

6- Set them up real pretty-like on a plate and serve to friends, family, your dog, or just eat them while watching a good movie!


What did we spend here? 10 bucks? 2 minutes? I’ve even impressed myself with this one!

The options are endless, really. If you bought a bunch of herbs that you don’t know how to use, combining them with delicious ingredients on a cracker is a great way to experiment with flavours. Get to it!