Cashew Milk Curry

Vegan Cooking at Home: Cashew Milk Curry

Being single and alone in this world can get monotonous. Movies are followed by silence, meals out are devoid of someone else splitting or paying the bill. Even walks with the dog that turn into philosophical debates with Sir Pupperoni of Doggington can get old after awhile.

Fortunately, cooking for one doesn’t have to be quite so dreadfully boring! Taking the unused ingredients that lay in your cupboards and making something surprisingly delicious can be an adrenaline rush! It’s invigorating. If nothing else was achieved during your life, now is the time to take charge and tell your friends that you cooked curry. “Dang!”, they’ll say. They will be impressed with how cultured and talented and resourceful you are.

So, let’s make some cashew milk curry.


1- Tofu

2- Cashew Milk

3- Oyster Mushrooms

4- Turmeric

6- Cumin

6- Cinnamon

7- Hot sauce (optional)

7- Salt/Pepper


A- Drain tofu and slice into 1/2 inch, thin strips

B- In pan, sprinkle in cumin, turmeric, cinnamon, and hot sauce (if you want some kick)

C- Place tofu and mushrooms (full or chopped) in pan. Allow them to brown for 2 minutes.

D- Sprinkle more of each spice on top of tofu and mushrooms. Heat all sides.

E- Once tofu and mushrooms are slightly brown, add 1/4 cup of cashew milk.

F- After 80-90% of the liquid has been absorbed, your curry is done!


I’d also like to recognize the slab of tofu that we lost during this process. During a flipping, the tofu tried to escape and fell behind the oven. Never to be seen again. RIP, little guy.


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