On the Egg of Glory

I had eggs, and you can too!

Follow Your Heart (http://followyourheart.com) has released a new item! It’s magical and mysterious and curious and delicious. The VeganEgg!


Can you believe it? Gluten, allergen, and cholesterol-free! Unless you’re allergic to egg replacer stuff…. In which case, you’re definitely allergic to this. Because it’s an egg replacer. And you’ll die. But other than that, it’s GREAT!

Here’s the given list of stuff not in it, and stuff in it:


INGREDIENTS (vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, non-gmo, soy-free): Whole Algal Flour, Whole Algal Protein, Modified Cellulose, Cellulose, Gellan Gum, Calcium Lactate (Plant Source), Carrageenan, Nutritional Yeast, Black Salt.

I feel like it’s probably also nut-free, chocolate-free, apple-free, sushi-free, cotton candy-free, paper-free… but they didn’t deem those things important enough to mention.

When you purchase the VeganEgg, you get an “egg carton”, but inside is just a bag of yellow powder. A tad anti-climactic. However, if you follow the recommended use and mix 1/2 cup of water with 2 tablespoons of powder, you get a thick cream that smells like egg yolk (tastes like it, too, but you should probably heat it up before eating.)

My first attempt was a bit of a bummer, though.

unnamed-1 copy


See? Liquidy and flat. Not very eggy, unless it was an egg with OCD. I added pepper and rosemary, but that didn’t liven things up much. This was sort of like someone took a plastic and foam egg from a kid’s kitchen playroom and added pepper. I felt duped. I am resilient, though! I carried my head high, nonetheless!

The next morning I added just a touch more powder and put it in a pan with olive oil. This is when things started happening!


I also added Daiya cheese and Sriracha. I had to microwave it a few seconds to melt the cheese. However, overall, as you can see, the thickness and fluffiness were much more impressive this time. It also helps that I used almond milk instead of water.

Now I started getting excited and adventurous. If I could make a cheesy omelette on a plate, why not in a Pillsbury croissant thingy?

1- This was my first time using/making Pillsbury croissant thingies. I didn’t know what I was doing.

2- They don’t come apart as easily as expected, so some squishing and squashing was necessary.

But I set the oven to 375, put my eggs and cheese and rosemary and pepper inside the dough, rolled ’em up:

unnamed-1 copy 3

and  let the oven fairies take over.

unnamed 2copy 3

This combination made for a delicious and nutritious breakfast! Filled me up until lunch and I felt really good about my life choices. My mother claims it looks like a model of a heart. I take that to mean my food looks like a beautiful model. I’m talented.

The upside: I can eat this instead of oatmeal, I can bake with it, and it’s fast and easy.

The downside: I’m rediscovering that I never really was a huge egg eater. It’s a great product if you love eggs, though! Of course, if you miss the yolk texture, you’re out of luck. The more liquidy mixture is like a soft yolk, but you can’t replace the hard boiled egg. Womp womp.

Also, the powder is a bit messy. It is light and gets everywhere… or maybe I’m just a messy person.

Still, this is extremely impressive, and I am sure someone out there is working on yolking it up…. Curious what other people are making with their VeganEggs! Let me know!

I give this product 9.5/10 French poodles!


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