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If you’re doing laps at Hamilton Park in Jersey City, NJ, you’ll pass lots of children and dogs and posters advertising family-friendly events and activities. Faces and jobs gets mished and mashed, but one thing that is unique and on its own is a little ice cream shop on McWilliams Place.

When I say little, I mean little! I barely fit, and I had to push a kid out into the middle of the road to get my wallet inside. Still, the staff must have asked me 10,268 times if I wanted to sample anything or if I had any questions. Each time they asked, I was tempted to ask them right back. To be polite, of course.


Unfortunately, though, or fortunately, they only had one non-dairy option available. I guess the flavours rotate, but right now, they just have non-dairy cookie butter. I like cookies, I guess butter is okay… how bad could it be? I also asked, because I’m wild, if the special cones were vegan, too. I never get a cone, but since I was only getting one scoop, and the cones were quite pretty, I went ahead and asked (you’re welcome.)

After some buzzing in the crowd, one employee finally informed me that the cones were indeed vegan. Huzzah! I wasn’t expecting that, honestly. After some contemplation, I decided a birthday cake cone was just what the doctor ordered. And by doctor, I mean I, myself ordered it, and no one else did it for me. Doctors aren’t typically that helpful with helping one order an ice cream cone. Unless it’s a doctor trying to get you sick, so you’ll have to go to them (like a dentist or some such,) and then insurance doesn’t cover it, so you have to pay a ridiculous amount of money out of pocket or go into debt. Doctors these days, sheesh!


They also had root beer floats and a few options for toppings, but nothing really matched with cookie butter. Chocolate syrup? Eh. Candied almonds? Nah. Sprinkles? Myeh.

Then I also saw the biggest cookie ice cream sandwich ever. Ever. EVER. It was covered in sprinkles and was pretty, but didn’t help me. So, I removed my left arm, so I could fit through the space, and sat down to have my ice cream.

It was ice cream. Very sweet. I guess it tasted like cookie butter. Whatever that means. It was thick and heavy, though. Really went down kinda hard. Not refreshing, but certainly satisfied my sweet tooth.

Not gonna lie- I don’t think I’d go in for another scoop of cookie butter. Nor would I get another cone (it was like a flavourless wafer; not worth the effort of chewing.) However, if they get more dairy-free options, I would possibly try a different one after a long, hot run around the park. My palate was not changed forever, but I am glad to know that there is a non-dairy ice cream option in the area in the case of an emergency.

I wish I could give this local a better rating, but…

Rating: 4/10 unicorn hugs

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