I LOVE New York

Living in New York City (and surrounding territories) for 100% of my life, I’ve seen a New York thing or two. The rats, the fights, the “SHOWTIME! SHOWTIME!”…
It’s old news to me.

So, why the heck am I still obsessed with this city?
Why is the WORLD obsessed with New York City!?

I wonder if it’s because of the gorgeous view of the sunset in Coney Island, Brooklyn. That could be it. It’s rumoured that Doctor Sigmund Freud once said, “The only thing in America that interests me in America is Coney Island.”
I mean, he was a pretty smart guy, maybe he had a point.

Or maybe there’s something romantic about it that draws us in. After all, in 1948 a Greek immigrant promised to purchase his beloved the 150-foot high ferris wheel in the heart of Coney Island as soon as he could if she would wed him. Starting his career as a hot dog vendor, he eventually worked his way up in the ranks and bought it for her! Their son still owns it, and it’s a real hot spot for proposals….

“Marry Me”

On the other hand,

There’s something to be said for the incomparable beauty of a sunset over Manhattan. Not only are there gorgeous buildings in Manhattan, but the 55-story tower at One Bryant Park was the first skyscraper in the United States to achieve LEED Platinum Certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. This building has it all! Water conservation technology, green roofs with compost from waste generated by tenants, and even an urban garden. Nothing goes to waste; rain and snow that falls on the building is captured and reused to flush toilets. According to the architects, the design of the building draws on “concepts of biophilia,” which they describe as “people’s innate need for connection to the natural environment.”

To this day, the building is considered one of the most environmentally friendly in the world.                          

It doesn’t matter where you are, this city is full of surprises.
I mean, everyone knows Central Park is where celebrities take their kids to feed the ducks caviar and bruschetta… but just look at this sweet, little bridge. I feel like any goblin living under there would be the cleanest and most handsome goblin ever!

With 843 acres in total in this lush park, it’s easy to get lost in a good book, a good conversation, or a really great daydream!
By the way, if you were wondering, no, the park isn’t natural. It was entirely designed and adorned as per precise orders. But, with 7 bodies of water, 29 sculptures, 36 bridges and arches, 58 miles of walking paths, 136 acres of woodlands 250 acres of lawns, 25,000 trees, and about 37.5 million visitors every year, I guess someone had to take charge of the situation. And heck, they sure did a fine job!

If you’re like me and plan to make Central Park your home one day, it’s sorta possible. According to the 2010 census, 25 people consider this park their home! Though, Central Park officials really seem to disagree, so don’t pack your bags just yet. Rather, why not keep busy by looking for a new species? In 2002, scientists discovered a new species of centipede in Central Park. At a little less than half an inch long, the species (called Nannarrup hoffmani) is one of the smallest centipedes in the world. We should all be so lucky.

After that, you can escape the wilds of nature for a bit and check out good ol’ midtown. Believe it or not, there’s more to 42nd street than Times Square. Though, I’m not sure where else you can get any M&M colour you’ve ever wanted.

Alas, even in the year 2017, there are still no vegan-friendly chocolate buttons inscribed with the letter ‘M’. Unfortunate, but that’s okay. There’s still plenty more to explore. The vegan options are truly endless in New York. If you’re craving something a little caliente, try these yummy seitan empanadas (VSpot)
My review HERE

Or find a blast from the past with Daiya mozzarella sticks and an egg cream from Champs Diner
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and then you can walk off some calories for a few blocks and grab a super sweet treat from Dunwell Doughnuts.
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And if you just want a freakin’ simple veggie burger and “chicken” burger slider,  if you’re into that… VBurger has that for you!
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Now, there are some things New York City doesn’t offer. I mean, what if you want to look at various french fries in glass cases without eating any? WHAT IF?

Just kidding. New York has that, too.

Why is this a thing that happened? I don’t know. I do not know. But it did, and it was spectacular. THE Sir Kensington of Sir Kensington’s “Fabanaise”– vegan mayonnaise – presented an art gallery of french fries that were being served around New York. They sell condiments, so it just makes sense.

But you’re sick of hearing about food, aren’t you? I get it, I totally get it. You want to get away from nature, get away from food, and you want to see more cool architecture, am I right? Something with a touching story. A building that represents America’s strength and pride and badassery. I present to you WTC version 3.0: The Freedom Tower! And it’s sidekick: THE OCULUS!!

With over 50 sharks, 250 laser beams, and Mr. T on standby at ALL times, these two can destroy any building that gets in their way. That’s why the Freedom Tower is the tallest building in the Western hemisphere and the sixth tallest in the world- because all other buildings cower when it comes near. Costing around $3 billion to build, you can’t afford this building. Freedom comes at a price!

Seriously, it’s pretty nice walking around the Oculus. I recommend it. Plus, it’s a hub, so you can catch a bunch of subways here, including the PATH train!

What else is downtown? More parks, more shopping, the punks, hippies, bums, and young and elite. Everyone finds their way downtown at some point. Either for a protest, a hot DJ, falafel from a food cart, or to buy some drugs (they make the free hugs feel better, I hear!)

But if you just want to relax and meet some new people, that’s easy enough, too. Everyone seems to want to talk! Coincidentally, it’s particularly common at the bar on a Friday night. Whether you prefer rooftop bars, underground speakeasies, or somewhere in-between, all the bars and pubs, anytime at all, the doors are always open somewhere.

Identities concealed to protect the drunk.

Heck, maybe you’ll run into someone you recognize. It could happen.

Psst! That’s Hugh Jackman. We’re enemies, though. Don’t worry about it.

Anything you think is missing from New York City or missing from my list about New York City? Please let me know! Or if you’re planning a visit, I’d love to give you some suggestions!

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