Walking is for winners: see more by foot!

Although I recently wrote a post about the pleasures of riding a bicycle, there is another mode of transportation I love just as much, if not more: walking!
Sure, trains, planes, and automobiles are great, but nothing is quite as liberating and versatile as the ability to hop up off your keister and explore the world.

Aside from all the health benefits that come from walking, aside from the fresh air, sounds, and people you meet, very little relaxes me more than walking a dog and enjoying local graffiti. Yeah- I love graffiti!

I’ve seen graffiti across the world. In every subway tunnel, every bridge, whatever large public posters and walls I find, there’s always some declaration or poetic image to take in.

Whether the government paid for the art or a local hooligan took it upon him or herself, there’s something lovely about well done art surrounding you. Gangs, revolutions, rebellion… all signs of an artist trying to escape a person’s body through ink. Every bit of graffiti has a story to tell.

Some of it is told simply and small.

Greece and Liverpool

Other times, loudly and largely.

Montreal and Lakewood, Ohio

It shows the oddities and strangeness of the human mind.








Along with the gentle, historical, and poetic side of humanity.

New Orleans and Tel Aviv







Graffiti adds colour to our everyday lives and makes every walk just a little more exciting.


Recently I have not encountered much graffiti, but I have enjoyed some lovely walks with my new foster dog. I’ll take a moment to tell you about him, as well! Bam Bam came to me unexpectedly, and I really should call him ‘Lucky’ or ‘Karma’ because of how we came together.

The story begins with me having had $10 stolen from my wallet. Maybe it was due to my lack of awareness, or maybe I am irresponsible. Either way, it happened. I was rather upset, of course. To think someone would do such a thing. To think I wouldn’t have cash for the week. Something quite minor, but it says so much about people and society. Not bad people, necessarily, but desperate ones. Needless to say, I was bummed.

Skip ahead a couple of days ~dream music~ I encounter a young man looking to re-home his dog. Due to a new job, he cannot give Bam Bam the attention he needs and deserves. He tells me the dog is healthy and happy. He tells me the dog is well-behaved and friendly. He tells me all these good things. Well, when have I said, “no” to someone in need? I agreed to foster the dog.

Bam Bam turns out to be a 3-4 year old rat terrier (possible mix.) He was rescued from Texas and has since been handed over person to person. No one having the time or interest in committing to him and his needs. I have come to find that Bam Bam is one of the easiest and most loving dogs I have met. Albeit a bit nervous with new things, he has adjusted very quickly in my household. He does his best to wait for walks (though, his body is still getting used to my schedule), he doesn’t bark at other dogs or people, and if I leave the room for a moment and return, he acts as if I am his long-lost best friend! When it’s time for bedtime, he cuddles in as close as possible, gives me a goodnight kiss, and sleeps throughout the entire night. What a doll!

00v0v_6887czgttof_600x450 unnamed

Why did I mention the $10, you ask? Well, on my way home with my new furry foster friend, what did I come across? Yep, I found not only $10 on the ground, but also another $20 bill! Is that luck? Karma? It was coincidence, but I was ecstatic.
What did gain from my walk? A wonderful dog, some extra cash, and a positive attitude. Throw in some graffiti and you have yourself one heck of an adventure!

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In the meantime, get satisfied!

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