Hosting with the Mosting

My housewarming party has come and gone. It has been and done. Would I say it was a success? Well, sure. Nine people came, 4 of whom were family, but hey, the internet tells me all I need is one or two friends. I ain’t ashamed. Ain’t no shame in my game.

After the fact, I realized I didn’t take any photos of people, just the food and drinks. No regrets. I was proud of my choices!

So, first up: the drinks! WINE! I went with lots of vegan-friendly wine. My parents lent me Chivas, which is a whiskey, I guess. No one drank it, but it was there. Most parties welcome whiskey. I also had a little rum and bourbon left from other random events. I was prepared to get my friends smashed, if they so desired it, but also had the nice wines and a bottle of pre-mixed sangria to please everyone. Also put out juices, club soda, ginger ale, and tonic water for those fancy folks.


Between the NINE of us we finished two bottles of wine. Just barely. We did not get crunk up in hurr. This is definitely for the best, though.

Notice the various cups, though. Plastic cups of various sizes and colours. To delight all types! Bottle opener and cork screw ready to go. I’m not sure why my bottle opener is so huge. I guess it’s so I don’t get arthritis from opening ALL DEM BOTTLES! But, seriously, why is my bottle opener the size of a small child? I feel like I could throw it through a glass window and rob the place. If I wanted.

Oh! I didn’t even mention the music. With a bluetooth speaker I was able to pump up the jams! By jams I mean Cat Stevens, a little James Taylor, some Steely Dan…. You know, the wild kids. Starting out with some light music is a good idea, I think. Then, if things get more lively (we didn’t get more lively) then you can start getting contemporary and noisy. Just keep in mind if you have neighbours… remember to make the music even louder and with more bass. Yes.

Now, originally I was planning on doing a Taco Bar kind of deal, but then I realized how messy that would be. Taco things all up in my couch seats. This may have been the neatest party ever, and I don’t mean, “Golly gee, that party sure was neat-o!” I mean, “Use coasters and wipe yo’self before I wreck yo face.” Scaring one’s party guests is how one gains respect. Insider fact. You’re welcome.

Point being, I went with things I could bake, make, or put on a stick. About an hour before the party, I put my frozen snacks in the oven (falafel balls, potato and mushroom bourekas, and vegetarian Moroccan cigars), I cut my veggies and put them on plates. These I kept in the fridge until 20 minutes before, so they’d be cool and crisp. Then I put my chips and my dips out (salsa and roasted red pepper hummus.)

Finally, the piece de resistance, I put out dessert. Dessert was where most of my time and effort went. After making my chocolate covered pretzels, (directions in the ‘recipe’ tab) I stabbed fruit with skewers and made them look magical. Of course, the stupid fruit salad people gave me varying numbers of fruit, so some of my fruit stick rainbow thingies were homophobic. “It’s Adam and Eve, not Pineapple and Watermelon and Blueberry!”


Doesn’t this dessert table make you wish you were homosexual? But, if you’re not, it’s too late. It’s NOT a choice! If you’re not gay yet, you’re stuck with the opposite gender. Believe me, I know it’s hard.

So… obla di, obla da, we’ve made a party. All you need now is chairs, people, plates, cups, bowls, utensils, napkins, and… yep, done!

And, hey, if you’re just really bad at everything, just hire a caterer or tell everyone to “bring their favourite food, drink, or dessert.” You provide the plates and utensils, they bring the food and drink, and laziness conquers all. You have options! Options are important.

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