Staying Fashionably Cruelty-Free

How many people can say they have a custom faux fur coat made right here in New York City?

Julia Restoin Roitfeld, the French director and model can.

Drew Barrymore has one, too! Check her out, wearing a beautiful fur shawl sans cruelty….

Alongside Oprah and countless models featured in magazines such as Vogue, Marie Claire, and Vanity Fair, you can add yours truly to the list of the elite sporting beautiful art/fashion/fluffiness by House Of Fluff in the Lower East Side of New York City.

CEO of House of Fluff, Kym Canter and her dream weaving, self-proclaimed “fashion fairy godmother” (and I agree) design director, Alex Dymek are slapping the fashion industry in the face and waking us all up to a purer fashion industry. These visionaries are working toward a future that doesn’t tolerate sweatshops and animal cruelty.

“Fashion Fairy Godmother”, Alex Dymek is sitting center, looking unbearably fashionable

The reality is, millions of animals face maltreatment, torture, and death each year just for fashion. There’s simply no excuse for that; particularly, as more faux options become available. House of Fluff is definitely a higher end option, though. It’s not for those of you working 7 days a week as unpaid interns. You’ll find stoles for sale in the $250 range, while long coats can get up into the $1500 area. Looking glamorous doesn’t always come cheap.

What’s driving up costs? According to their website, “We dye the majority of our products in natural solutions, using plant bark, berries, and flowers foraged locally and abroad.”

Paying workers a fair wage, paying rent for a sustainable shop and creation studio in Manhattan, and using ethical materials just aren’t as cheap as one would hope! What you’re supporting is far beyond monetary worth, however. Not only are the products as cruelty-free as possible, the store itself is made from refurbished goods and old junk, so as to prevent garbage waste. Nothing is taken for granted!

Initially, some of my vegan comrades were skeptical. They felt that wearing faux fur could send the wrong message and imply that fur of any sort is desirable and worth one’s appreciation. First of all, I strongly believe that my business is my business. If someone else misinterprets my actions, that’s not for me to control or for which I am responsible. Also, I rather do the ethical thing unbeknownst to others than do the (un)ethical thing that makes me any less happy. However, I did make an effort to keep the message present. If you look inside my new, ravishing coat, you will notice the message I requested in the lining:

“Do No Harm” AG

The most unexpected benefit of my special, hug-gable, cuddle-able coat? The affect it has on my anxiety levels. Wearing something heavy on top of me, along with the fluff I can stroke, has proven to be very calming and nerve-easing. Normal hoodies and jackets are good for this, but this coat has become my therapy peacock, so to speak.

If you still have concerns regarding buying consciously and kindly, I hope you will rethink the issue. I will not resort to harassing anyone with photos of mangled foxes and claims of dog fur coats. If you’re reading this, you are likely fully aware of the perils of the fur industry. For some, it’s simply a matter of learning how to tell your friends, family, and local fur manufacturers that you’re not cool with the current standards of fashion.

As Vegans First writes:

Let’s face it you are probably not going to introduce yourself as a vegan to every person you meet:
“Hey there nice to meet you, I’m a vegan by the way”.

If you’re looking for an easier way to stay ethical while staying involved in the world, check out their article:
“Getting Past Other Peoples WTF – Socializing as a Vegan”

Veganism is taking over and it’s ready to revolutionize the world… are you?

THANK YOU to the fashion retailers that have gone fur-free:
Armani, Gucci, Old Navy, TOMS, Kenneth Cole, JCPenney, J. Crew, Free People, Ed Hardy, and the list grows everyday! Special shout-out to Vaute Couture, MooShoes, and other wonderful companies that have devoted their clothing to being ethical since day one!

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