Experimenting with Aquafaba

Have you heard of this new MIRACLE ingredient? Boy, oh, boy, do I have a treat for you! Now introducing…. BEAN JUICE!

Okay- it’s not all that and a can of beans. It’s kinda cool, though! Aquafaba has a website (http://aquafaba.com/), a Facebook page, a fandom, a cult… pretty much everything you need.

The concept behind aquafaba is that you take the juice from the bean jar (chickpeas/garbanzo beans are most common) and you whip it up in a mixer. You don’t have to mix it if the recipe doesn’t call for fluffy egg whites, but if you do, it turns into this thick, white marshmallow. It looks like Cool Whip! The more time you let it whip, the thicker it gets. I was intrigued and very curious now!

They say you can use 3 tablespoons of this in place of eggs in baking recipes. Handy, for sure. Though, the downside being that, in order to get a non-bean taste, you need sugar or other flavouring.


Look how pretty that is! You can also add colour if you are as easily impressed as I am.


Lookit! This was when I put it in a container and realized two things: I made way too much of this stuff, and I have no idea what to do with it now. My oven is out of commission, so I can’t even bake with it. They say if you put aquafaba and sugar in dollops into the oven, you’ll get meringues. Never in my life have I wanted or need a meringue, but suddenly I want them so, so much. I also shall mention that I found a mixer on Ebay for a couple bucks. Nuts! But you can also hand mix (which will take forever) or use a little hand mixer thingy that costs a couple bucks on Ebay, as well. So, now I had a bunch of whip and nowhere to go… or did I?

Fortunately, I was then invited to an event at a neighbour’s house. I didn’t happen to have anything to bring along, so I grabbed a bunch of ingredients from the local dollar store and decided to get creative.

I bought: a can of chick peas,  mixed Ghirardelli chocolate squares — of course, checking to be sure that they were all dairy-free. They even have one with cherries in it. SO GOOD. I already had sprinkles at home, so I just bought pre-made Mudslide mix since this was a party for the growed up peoples.

See what I did? I mixed the chocolate and a little almond milk in the processor, then threw that concoction in the aquafaba with the Mudslide. I didn’t have to add sugar or vanilla due to all the yummy flavours! Then I put it in little, plastic shot cups and added sprinkles. Magnifique!


These went over very well, and dang, that mudslide mix really gave it a KICK!

Now, having leftover aquafaba… so much of it… I decided to try one more thing: ice cream!

This required: 4 bananas cut up into 1-inch cubes and frozen, vanilla extract, 1 tablespoon of aquafaba, and whatever other delights you wish to add. The first time I did peach and chocolate chip. The second time I did cherry and chocolate protein powder. You will notice they look a bit different, but both were so yummy!

The cherry one was thicker when I first made it, but it melted when I placed it next to the burning hot water I used to wash the dishes. Clever.

Even if you don’t like bananas, you won’t notice the flavour. If you use enough other ingredients, you’ll just get the frozen banana texture. You can add peppermint or strawberry or whatever makes your tummy happy! It’s healthy ice cream, guys. HEALTHY ICE CREAM!  You don’t even need the aquafaba, honestly. I think that just kind of smoothed it out and added extra fluff and sweetness. Or you can add a touch of your alternative milk of choice and see if you prefer that. Add it very sparingly, and after mixing, otherwise, you’ll get a smoothie. Smoothies are good, but not our goal here. Unless that’s what you’re in the mood for. That’s cool, too.

Anyway, I’d say the Mudslide Mousse Shots were a 9/10 just because I think I could have added even more chocolate or made it a tad thicker. The ice cream is a 10/10 since it is so easy, versatile, and magical. Give it a try, I dare ya!


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