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Some people love constructive criticism, others can’t handle it. Here are some lovely responses I’ve received! Go to their websites and support your fellow foodies!

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Dear Ariel,

Thank you for such a kind and endorsing review and such high praise. I am glad you enjoyed your treat and I apologize for the cheesecake size:price. Our baker is small with high overhead and big prices. Cannot be helped unless prices fall considerably, and you know that’s not gonna happen in this economy! I’ve been approached by her competitor and offered l3a2d6ad3-18b5-436c-9d46-6c2406ea747cower prices but she’s the underdog, and so am I. I tend towards the underdog in self-awareness recognition. (shy smile)


I love your blog graphics and design and your writing is a joy to read. I’m thrilled you called my son “strapping” which is a fine word, not used often enough to describe our young men, and a word I perfectly understand what you mean. As a mother, this is another very high compliment.


Thank you, Ariel, you’ve made my day!    -K

Zuzu Confectionery





Ice cream.jpg




AWESOME POST MAN!!! Thank you SO much

-Christopher Hollowell







All I can say is ‘wow’ and give you lots of xoxoxo

You made my day.  In a world where you hear some good news but much bad, you have managed to put a wide grin on my face and tear in my eye all at once.

I have to tell you that reading reviews is not the most pleasant thing to do.  Of course the happy people that are fans – those are easy.  But the ones that are displeased, not so much fun.  It actually cuts.  I got to read one this weekend from which I’m still recuperating who said ‘dry, tasteless, shop rite is better, rude customer service’.  She was talking about our sweet little cupcakes, my staff – could it be true!!!  I tried to explore with this person why she had such a horrific experience, and honestly wanted to understand what happened and fix it.  I was met with more unhappiness calling me rude – I believe she said she understood now that the rudeness permeates my store!!!!!   And then there’s the likes of you……a tall glass of cold lemonade on a hot  summer day ; )unnamed-2

I love that you love us and that you appreciate us, and have respect for what we do and look to be a part of it in your own configuration someday.  I thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart for taking the time, and for sharing it with me.  Your blog is absolutely beautiful and if I can figure it out I will put it on Facebook if permitted to do so.

Next time your around these parts in the garden capital of the world ; ) please let me know you’re here and perhaps we can share some time and a cupcake!

All the best to you and your endeavors –
Papa Ganache





 Hi Ariel! Thanks so much for your kind words, we’re so glad you made it to our Grand Opening Party! And thanks for helping spread the word about us! As a thank you, I’m giving you a one-time discount code for 10% off any order: xxxxx

Glad to be in touch!

Vaute Couture (





Alex Scher – Mediterranean Fare (Renaissance Faire)




Love it!  Thanks Ariel. Your right about the falafel not being “authentic” as most falafel in the Middle East is actually filled with bread (day old pita) which makes it puffy and less healthy.  Ours uses arrow root (from potatoes) as a binder and our chick peas are sprouted. It’s healthier, gluten free, and has a lot more protein.

So cool that the queen referred you to us. Your review was a hit with our family. We forwarded it to the director of the faire. Hope to see you again.






Ha! Loved reading this! Thanks for the shoutout!

For the record, I was heavy handed on the salt, for the samples (ONLY) Saturday night! Sometimes the sample pieces (once cut) don’t get ANY salt, and it’s an important part of the “crave” experience! So….Oopsie! Not again!
After your reaction (yes I remember you!)…. I adjusted the sample plate, and I can assure you that if you run into my shoppe again, it will be safe to taste the coconut crave (aka coconut crack)! Glad you liked the balls you chose! And… “Butter” is short for “Almond Butter”! No butt (or dairy) here! :)unnamed-2

That was such a fun read… hope to see you again! keep in touch!




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