New News is Good News – Update on Portland and Seattle

I was quick to judge Portland. Flying in a weekday morning, trudging about town with my luggage on a grey, wet day…. It was unfair of me to assume that that was Portland at its peak. First of all, my host in Portland was above and beyond generous and friendly. I was remiss to skip over that detail. Once the sun came out and the weekend came around, I was introduced to a whole other side of things. There were people and smiles and not everyone was a drug zombie! People were being tourists and performers, and walking around was very pleasant!

That weekend, I was invited to travel with a girl who contacted me out of the blue to go to a music festival on a farm in the middle of Nowhereville. Without hesitation, I accepted! Boy, that was a good decision. My host, Kelsey was right on my wavelength. As a vegan herself, she knew where the good eats were! She took me for some modern Indian fusion food (is that a thing?) at a place called The Sudra where I ordered jackfruit vindaloo and a samosa! This nicely portioned collection of sides was really well priced, really good, and made my tummy happy!

Tummies full, we continued up and up and up into the forest territory. Kelsey and I talked and clicked pretty much the entire trip, something that is very rare for me. I felt right at home with her and she seemed very happy with me. As a more experienced camper, she had stocked her car with every hammock, tent, sweater, and delicious/healthy snack a person could want. I think I would have died in that forest without her! Though, the farm at which we arrived, Turning Earth Farm was as friendly and pleasant as can be! We spent 2.5 day camping, dancing, listening to music, playing with fire, and hugging various farm animals. Honestly, that is all I ever want from life.

There wasn’t any opportunity to be bored at this event, either, which is surprising! Drum circles, folks on all sorts of wavy gravy drugs, checking out the music and the creek and the artists… it was truly a thrill a minute. In the evening, it got chilly, but there was a tremendous fire and the kids sat around making s’mores. I’ve never made a s’more, but the kids had a blast! Their mother would tell them to only eat three, but I assured them I wouldn’t say a word if they stuck an extra one or two in their mouths.

The stars were outrageous, which always gets me. You just don’t get that kind of starry, starry night in Manhattan, now, do you? Which meant lots of tripping and stepping on pokey stuff due to the darkness, but it was a perfectly fine trade-off in my book! Some of the guests also were living there as a work trade situation, some for months at a time. The two owners of the farm are young, really laid-back folks who just create beautiful things, farm, and take it easy. Everything about the place was as pleasant as can be!

My last two days were then spent with a lovely guy named Henry in another trendy part of the city that seemed quite suburban, but was a quick drive away from an area full of bars and restaurants and all sorts of trendy people and things. Henry was the sweetest human being and we also bonded quite well. In case you don’t know, I use Couchsurfing for my host-finding needs, by the way. If you’re smart about it, it’s very safe and can lead to wonderful adventures!

Unfortunately, however, the next day I had booked a bus to Seattle. This was exciting, but it was also before I knew how lovely Portland could be, which means I did not get to see and do and hang out as much as I would have liked. But I did have a nice cup o’ tea before heading off! Thank you for your patience with me, Portland, I am sorry I judged you so quickly.

Then the day came for my bus ride to Seattle, huzzah! I heard it was busier and more focused on IT than Oregon, but I did not know what to expect. Enter Pike Market, Space Needle, and more good people. Though, in this case, I stayed with friends that I met on the internets. Without having to buy a lot, I was able to see the outside portion of various tourist traps, enjoy the market, and live the simple and slow life.

As quick-paced as it was for the West Coast folks, things were still a touch slow-motion for this New York chick! The market was really nice, though! Particularly nice at the end of the day on a weekday. The market closes at 6, so I was wandering around at 5.30 PM. Coming across a bakery with vegan options, the cashier informed me that I could purchase two muffins for $5 (normally, $5.50 a piece). However, when I mentioned that they only had one vegan muffin left, she said that they’ll just throw it out, so I can have it for $2. It would have been amazing if she had given it to me for free, but I was hungry and craving a cheap muffin at that point, so I went for the banana chocolate chip muffin from Cinnamon Works. It was big and delicious and didn’t taste like it was sitting in the glass counter all day. Yum!

Staying with a friend near the University of Washington campus, I got a wonderful mix of nature, bike path, and then walking down to the more busy area with lots of funky shops, as well as easy access to all the buses and light rail! The ticketing system is a little odd, beware. I had an “Orca Card”, but you have to tap it on the way in and the way out, so they have security walking through the trains, occasionally checking to be sure you tapped. I only “forgot” to tap a few times, I promise! It’s a very straight-forward path, though; one train, about 10 stops, and you get to the main, busy areas, everything is walking distance from there.

My friend and I were able to get to concerts in Ballard and a vegan pizza place and various other fun adventures, including the Gay Pride Parade on Capitol Hill – a funky and gay-friendly area with more shops, bars, and restaurants. There was also a steam punk distillery and Theo’s chocolate shop with lots of free chocolate samples, many of which were 70% cacao and dairy-free. WIN!

We saw the troll under the bridge, the gum wall, and explored Sculpture Park. All free and randomly enjoyable activities! Yeah, the gum wall is exactly what it sounds like. At least a block underneath the Pike Market where the walls are just covered in… you guessed it- GUM! Chewed gum, at that!

Yesterday included camping in a national park near Mt. Rainier. That was beautiful and peaceful. Another Couchsurfing host/driver/friend drove the 1.5 hours with me, a dog, and a map, and we just found a wonderful spot, explored a bit, and enjoyed nature. Don’t get to say that often in Manhattan! We also did some yoga which really added to the experience. Not *real* yoga, because that’s awful, but just the deep thinking and breathing sort. We last about 6 minutes and then continued splashing and sunbathing with Pinky the dog.

I still have a week left of my trip and, while I am sure the thrill will slow down (or not!), I still expect to get visits from more friends and see and do more. After all, I could go to the same place repeatedly and still find new things or hear new stories. It’s endless joy and pleasure if your attitude is in the right state, and this state happens to be Washington!

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One Month Until Portland, Brudda!

Is it considered a plan if my plan is to have as little of a plan as possible? Plan planned. Done.

Here’s what I’m thinking, kids. Please correct if my opinion is wrong.

June 12th – Fly to Portland, Oregon from JFK at 4.55 PM. If you need to chase me down and proclaim your love for me, this would be the time to do it. Don’t do it. Either the police or I will roundhouse kick you.

Barring any love-related incidents, I will be Oregon-bound by 5.30 PM. Off to the mecca of weird, quirky, outrageous, hip, and all that is vegan. I’ll be staying with a chap named Kevin. Kevin is a 41-year-old male I met on He describes himself as, “a traveler at heart, I enjoy the open road and travel as much as possible” and says, “I live in downtown Portland, Oregon a beautiful, majestic place to live. You have the outdoors which are beautiful, hiking, biking, camping and the beach are all within a short distance of Portland and I love it.”

His profile says that he has a one-bedroom apartment without any roommates on the 11th floor of a building overlooking West Hills, wherever that is. He offers a comfy couch and a spacious air mattress. His home is located just 8 blocks from Powell’s Books, 15 blocks from Pioneer Square, and 4 blocks from Washington Park, which is amazing (he claims). He seems sane and nice, but who doesn’t on the interwebs? Is he single? I don’t know! And, I really don’t care. Moving on….

During my stay in Portland, I am sure to meet up with some local freaks and check out all the fun stuff mentioned in my other Portland post. However, no one cared enough to point out that I completely forgot to mention Portland’s – if not America’s- very first vegan mini-mart! Are you KIDDING me, people? After all I’ve done for you?? Vegan clothing store, bakery, tattoo shop, grocery store… I mean, this is real. This is not a test. Avert thine eyes, because I will be eating and dressing and shopping and using needles ALL OVER THE PLACE! I should clarify, by “using needles”, I mean injecting heroin. Tattoos are for freaks.

The joy is pouring out of me as thick as a peanut butter, hummus, and tar smoothie.

After staying in Kevin’s lovely home for a week, we will be picking up his 11-year-old son and heading to Sunriver and Crater Lake. What are these places? Where are they? Again, I have absolutely no clue. He’s never been there, his son has never been there, and I will be intruding on their bonding time because I can. Right on.

What could take this trip from old-time hinky dink to tralinka dinka?? After our little road trip, Kevin will be dropping me off in Canby, Oregon to experience Cedar Rock Farm! Oh, yes, the one and only.

Naw, I’ve never heard of it, either. However, for a hard day’s work, they’ll provide some meals, accommodations, and parental figures, I hear. Lord knows I can’t function without real adults around, so that’s a relief.

I don’t know what the utilities will be like, as far as internet access, showers, and such…. Fortunately, showers are pretty optional. I mean, just look at these dirty, smiling hippies. Selling CSA veggies, “coexisting”… disgusting, if you ask me.

After enjoying the farm life for a week or two, I will somehow or another make my way over to Seattle. I may have found someone interested in joining me for a road trip around the West Coast, such as Cali and Nevada, and maybe I’ll even make my way to visit a friend in Vancouver! But that’s all up in the air. Depends on which of my friends want me, which of my friends I can get to, and how much fun I’m having. Obviously. I also have an offer to stay on a boat in Seattle. My new friend Katie, her husband, and their dog Chila all live on a 30 foot Catamaran sailboat. Words I do not understand, but it sounds snazzy. It’s a bit of a squeeze, but it doesn’t get more liberating than the ability to lift the anchor (figuratively) and sail off whenever they wish. Or, since I have a sensitive stomach, I’m more likely going to hop off the boat and go vomit right into the delicious, natural, salty water. Don’t drink the pukey water!

There’s a lot of ifs, ands, and buts about this “no plan” plan, but that’s the pleasure of travel. If I can’t go abroad at the moment, I may as well see as much and experience as much as I can in local territory. If a job arises or some other incredible opportunity comes up, I am free to accept or try it out. That’s what it’s all about! What good is freedom if you aren’t free to enjoy it? Soak it all in, I say! What have I got to lose? Seriously, what? Nothing at all. That’s something for which I can choose to be grateful and I am.

Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.

I hope you’ll continue to keep up with my adventure and see where this path leads me.
Feel free to share any thoughts, suggestions, ideas, hopes, dreams, money, or ice cream.
Until next time!

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Imagine, if you will….

My family has made a tradition of going to the Renaissance Faire in Tuxedo, NY every year since 2001. We loved it, it loved us, and things were lovely. That is, until it came to meal time. Believe it or not, they don’t offer vegan turkey legs! There’s no Tofurkey to be seen. Not under the mud, not over the dragons, not through the joust, not inside the corset shops. Nowhere! What’s a starving vegan to do?

In the past, I’ve stuck to outside food. Usually, we’ll eat a big breakfast and then eat a big dinner afterwards, but what fun is that? Amidst all the clothing and Shakespearian talk and silver goblets, eating a pickle from a barrel or ices from a tub is just not enough. Eventually, a person needs food. Especially when you’re wearing entirely black and hats and armour and walking in the blazing sun for several hours. It can get intense!

I got so used to this habit that by the time they were offering vegetarian and vegan options, I was opposed to stopping my gallivanting and having some food. This year, however, I was SO hungry, and my parents were SO hungry, that we simply could not step forth once more until we had satisfied our howling guts. That’s how you know it’s serious.

And so we sought out food amidst a land of savages and heathen ingrates. Lamb and honey and milk and shame. Beef and fish and turkey and ice cream upon ice cream upon ice cream. Wherefore art thou dairy and meat?

I suppose it didn’t help any that I was to that point of hunger in which the human can no longer tolerate indecision. Nothing looked good and I felt nothing at that point could satisfy my ravenous needs. We then took a break and went to the joust. All I could wonder was, “Hm… where did this guy eat lunch? He probably got McDonald’s. Jerk.”


Eventually, I became so frantically hungry that I knew I had only one option… to alert the Queen herself. This would be no easy task, but this was my final chance to prove myself worthy of a food blog. If I could not find vegan food at an event for the meat, grease, and mead crowd, then I did not deserve to call myself a food blogger, a traveler, or a hero amongst the young and needy. Hear me roar, dang it!

I approached the Queen in my most respectable manner. With a curtsy I displayed my most pathetic set of icy blue iris’ that had ever looked upon She.


From afar I cried out, “Queen, my Queen, please hear me out. For I am empty of food and needy of nourishment. Please help me to satisfy this ever-growing agony. Please be of good faith, of good nature, of entire goodness. Where will thee who wishes to fill thine belly full of foods lacking animal cruelty be fed most well?”

It was then that she looked upon me with disgust, yet a tinge of empathy, and she spoke. “Follow the court of foods and ye shall find foods of the Mediterranean. At this booth, one will find nourishment of the kindest and least cruel kind. Be fed, peasant, and be away with ye.”

YEAH! Mediterranean food is WHAT IS UP. I’m about to get fed up real good!

So we began our trek. Through gypsies and Scots. Through jugglers and sword-wielding tots. Through the muck and heat, through the African drum beat. Mind you, I am not sure, either, why there are African drums at these things, but don’t ask this unless you’re prepared to ask about the pirates, as well. I simply don’t have time to question accuracy when hunger is afoot.

Getting lost is the biggest challenge, even after years and years of practice. The setup never changes much, even the faces remain the same, yet we never have any idea where we are. If this village seeks a fool, a fool or three it has found. We’re idiots when it comes to directions. Such is life.

Conveniently enough, the sign we found for the food we sought was in the form of a compass. How they mock us so!


Gyros? Wraps? Salads and falafel? All things I love! Oh, boy, oh, boy! This brought me great joy. Even the food server guy was looking edible at that point. Sorry, but seriously. He kind of looked like a mushroom, or seitan drenched in tomato sauce with a basil leaf on top. I would not complain about hairs in my food.

Of course, once we got up to bat, I simply couldn’t contain my enthusiasm. I had no idea what to order. I wanted everything- ALL the food! Unfortunately and fortunately, this wasn’t an option. The kind gentleman server was more than happy to suggest what us three hungry hippos should try: vegan stew and the platter of mixed sides. This, sounding delicious and satisfying won the prize: a six to eight hour trip through our tummies. Sorry, food server, I guess you and my stomach will just have to remain platonic.


Insert sexy food music here. Bow chicka wow wow! Look at the couscous. Look at it and envy my mouth.

I wouldn’t say it was surprising, but just as the food was served up, the rain clouds decided to do their rain thing. They were all like, “Your joy belongs to us now! MWAHAHAHA!”

But then we cloud-blocked it and just got a little drizzle; not even enough to stop our munching. Though, I can’t imagine that much could have stopped us once we started. I would have fought off a dragon, two angry wenches, and a pixie on steroids at that point, if it meant eating in peace.

At this point, I ate. I ate. I ate and ate. I ate so much. I also had iced mint tea.

PSA: Dehydration is serious- don’t mess with the sweats!

What did I think of my Renaissance foods? I had a ball eating everything! It was messy and full of spices and warmth and kitten whiskers. No whiskers in the food, don’t worry, that’s just an expression I made up right now.

But before I get caught up in my happiness and hunger-satiation, I want to tell you about each food item. Honestly, most of these foods confused me a bit. The falafel was good, the couscous and tabouli were certainly yummy, but I don’t know that I’ve ever had these versions of them. As in, they didn’t really taste like what they were supposed to be. The falafel, to start, was kind of like an Indian aloo tikki, minus the Indian spices. I can’t say exactly what was different, but the colour and the texture just didn’t give me a Mediterranean feeling. Nonetheless, they weren’t dry, and they were tasty, so I really can’t complain! Also, falafel is made very differently depending on which culture inspired you. The same can be said about the couscous and tabouli, I suppose. Same problems, same not caring. I really didn’t come to the Renaissance Faire hoping to eat some authentic Mediterranean food. If that’s your goal, go away.

It’s hard to judge the other items since it all kind of blended together. This was good, since I wanted to shovel in as much food at once as possible. I did note the eggplant, which was made really well, but also the olives that were way too olive-y for me. I guess I needed a more subtle olive, while others might enjoy that little kick in an otherwise more low-key dish. The stuffed grape leaves were fine, too. They fell apart, but, seriously… who cares?

The stew, which was totally a great choice in 95 degree weather, was also quite good. There was a bit of an after taste that I can’t put my finger on, but there were so many veggies in there to make up for it.

As for price, you go to a Renaissance Faire, you pay Renaissance Faire prices. ‘Nuff said. It was a tasty meal and the service and atmosphere couldn’t be beat. Matter of fact, I found out that the server (and cook?) is a social worker! I’m telling you, food and psyche go together like hugs and hammers…. This makes sense in my mind.

If you’re at the Faire this year, be sure to stop by the Mediterranean Fare stand for a big plate of tasty food. If it could satisfy my hunger, it can satisfy yours. Say, “Hello!” for me, too!

I give this timeless meal….

9/10 unicorn hugs

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Meet Mayhem

mayhem |ˈmāˌhem| noun

violent or damaging disorder; chaos: complete mayhem broke out.

unnamed copy 3.jpg

Remember that puppy I introduced you to a couple posts ago? His name is Mayhem. At a mere 10 weeks old, Mayhem does not cause mayhem at all. He is the most laid back puppy I’ve ever met. He’s a sweetheart. Mayhem is a rescue dog.

Hemmy was born to a female dog, presumably, about 2.5 months ago on a farm in Mississippi. He did nothing wrong, yet he and his 2 siblings were unwanted. We may never know why. As I say, their loss is our gain. They were then taken to the vet at 6 weeks old, given their necessary booster shots and checked out briefly, then sent up to good, old New York City to start their lives anew.

Not far from New York City, around the same time as this was all happening, I was at home debating whether I should start fostering again. I had taken a break because of travel and moving, but I was starting to get that foster itch. That feeling of something missing. Remembering all the dogs and cats of past, as well as seeing photos of all the new ones who need homes. The urge was too strong, I contacted the rescue I have worked with for years and told them I was ready to foster again. Holly DeRito, my puppy rescue hero got back to me very quickly to let me know that I could choose a pup from the site and have him by the following week.

Puppies aren’t like grocery items, you can’t just squeeze their heads to determine which will fit your lifestyle. For a new foster, knowing what you can and can’t do is very important. Sometimes you can’t predict things that will force you to hand over the pup to another foster, but we aim to avoid any problems like that. As a fairly experienced foster, I have a pretty good idea what I can handle, and what my own dog can handle. My dog, Lolita Lollipop Unicorn (also known as Lolly) has been very patient, but can also only handle so much…. Taking into consideration other pets, family members, housing, costs, space, time, and patience, many people can foster a young puppy. Other people require an older dog who is already housetrained. If you live in a building, you have to know what your landlord, contracts, and neighbours will put up with. Remember, many dogs have separation anxiety, this means they may bark, whimper, and scratch if you’re not nearby. You have to prepare for messes, a little destruction, and having to be home enough throughout the day to walk, feed, and love your dog. Health conditions do come up, training may cost you, treats and toys, and various other necessities depending on the animal.  Are you traveling? Moving? Otherwise tied up? Maybe it’s not a good time to foster/adopt. If you have someone willing to dog sit, all the better! Just keep in mind, then that person also has to fulfill all the temporary housing requirements.

Lolly is weary of this little guy (Ducky, 2015)

Yeah, fostering and adopting is a commitment. There’s a lot to keep in mind. Would I say it’s HARD, though? Or unpleasant? Nope. Because I love the animals I foster. I love the whole experience. Saving a puppy or kitten who barely had a chance is one of the most fun, exciting, and kind things you can do! It’s really more of a compromise: if you’re willing to do your part, out of it you get a best friend.

Hand…touching hand…. (Taffy, 2015)

If anyone has convinced you that rescue dogs are ugly, mean, stupid, sickly, or otherwise undesirable, they too have been sadly misinformed. Typically, the opposite is true. An adopter once told me, “We bought two purebred pugs once and both got very sick due to inbreeding. We’re only rescuing mutts from now on!”

The number of times I’ve heard this same story is astounding. Unfortunately, it’s absolutely true. When siblings and cousins and distant relatives are forced to mate, they create unhealthy and abnormal babies. As to the other rumours….















And MEAN??







How about unhealthy?


Eh, maybe. But I’m willing to look past it

Doc, Hero, and Bella (2013)
Dexter and Bug (2012)

If you’re interested in fostering or adopting, please do your research. This is a long, long commitment and lots of responsibility. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me or your local dog rescue.

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So very Zen

What better way to impress someone on your first meet-up than to choose an entirely vegan restaurant? There is no better way. That’ll teach you to let me choose the food!

I met my new acquaintance at Go Zen in the West Village, NYC. We both got there at the same time and had the same confused and concerned looks on our faces. “Is this the right place?” “Did I really agree to this?” “Who is that strange person staring at me like I’m an internet celebrity? Oh, right!”


Did I mention I found this person OkCupid? If you’re not familiar with the site, well, you’ve not been on the internet. Also, I will fill you in! It’s an online dating site where people post a picture (or pictures), include small-talk bits about themselves, and match up with random folks based on distance, preferences, and algorithms. You just throw the word “algorithm” in and people love it.

So, I matched up with someone, we set a time and day, I chose the place, and we met. I chose Go Zen because it was easy to get to, I knew that the area had other stuff, in case we got bored (of the place or each other), and most of all, because I hadn’t been there and I wanted to review it.

On their website’s menu there’s an item called Golden Ball: After your eat it you will know what it is. I really wanted to find out what this was.

My company was very patient and understanding when I paused to take photos or talk about our opinions on different things. I am a tough judge, so I tried to get an idea of what the experience was like and how it was going for someone else… oh, and me being considerate to other people’s happiness and whatever. That, too.

All together we had spring rolls, the golden ball, and veggie tofu delight;
Braised Tofu, zucchini and tomatoes in black bean sauce. Served with brown rice.

It turns out, the Golden Ball was just poori with peanut sauce. Don’t get me wrong, I love poori and I love peanut sauce, it just wasn’t as exotic and thrilling as I had expected. It was also an unexpected Indian dish at a Chinese-focused restaurant. My brain was confused, my heart was pleased, and my stomach was fed.

Check out my new friend’s elbow. I chose a good one, eh?


Unfortunately, the poori was a bit too greasy for my taste. The bread had a nice crispness, but there was way too much oil. The peanut sauce was good, too, but a bit heavy. Normally I can chug peanut sauce like a German at Oktoberfest (who is chugging beer, not peanut sauce, presumably. However, if you know of an Oktoberfest for peanut sauce, do not forget to send me an invite!)

The spring rolls were your usual spring rolls. Thin, rice paper outer with cabbage and carrot and all inside. Spring rolls aren’t usually my favourite, but I was curious how they compared with the usual spring rolls that I don’t love. I was hoping I would dislike them less than usual- as has happened once or twice in my life. If you like spring rolls, though, these are just what you seek! The sauce was a perfectly good duck sauce, too. Faux duck sauce, if you must. The lettuce is what really made the plate, though. Look at that artistry. Purple and green… I mean, how do they come up with these things?unnamed-3

The last dish we ordered was the tofu dish. Sure, we could have gotten something more exciting, but my companion thought that tofu was key. That it was the basis of veganism (ehh…) and therefore, one must judge a restaurant’s tofu in order to know their real value.

As you can see, the dish had lots of veggies, which is good. Also lots of sauce, though. As someone who like veggies and is cool with tofu, the layers of sweet sauce was unnecessary. I would have liked the tofu to be more firm and substantial, as well.


But I do give them credit for pretty colours and excellent marketing; with their logo on the plates. I like that.

So, the whole experience was pretty successful. After eating, we went for a long walk to talk about human nature and the universe, and we exchanged phone numbers. The meal was decent, and I would recommend the place for low-key, simple vegan Asian food in the area. Wouldn’t go out of my way to get here, though. I would say that Go Zen deserves…

7/10 unicorn hugs

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No animals harmed in the making….

This is the phrase that was all over the place at Vaute Couture’s flagship GRAND OPENING today in the LES of Manhattan. I first heard about this event because my brother sent me a link. He and his wife had bought some clothing from them and he thought I’d be interested. I was. Turns out they couldn’t make it, but I was determined to go anyway.

How do you make a vegan happy? Vegan food, vegan clothing, and puppies. Today at the grand opening, Vaute Couture had all the above! Well, they allowed dogs, and dogs did come… with their families. This includes Mayhem, our little doxie/beagle foster pup!

In this photo, Hemmy is thinking, “Well, we going or what!? Come on!”


Getting to Essex street is fairly easy once in your in Manhattan, but it felt like we were never going to get there. This is because it was 95 degrees today. Walking a block in 95 degrees is difficult, so just imagine traveling by train and getting lost and directing a curious puppy… it was not the easiest task, but it was totally worth it! We found the place and chatted with a lovely woman until the doors opened.


Immediately we were greeted by Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart and her dog, as well as her team of bright-eyed and bushy-tailed salesladies. There were also snacks, drinks, balloons, and lovely art on the walls. They told us about a yard area in the back with a seesaw, so I just had to go check that out!

If I weren’t a vegan animal activist already, this place may have convinced me. It was darling and exciting and the people were SO nice! Far be it from me to make a claim to imply that all vegans are nice- that’s simply not true. However, the people who were really hyped for this opening were ready to have fun, support a good cause, and eat some tasty treats. Who could be mean while doing those things?

I also didn’t feel like I was in a vegan exhibition or that anyone was trying to pressure me or push anyone into a lifestyle. There weren’t dead animal images or anything that would make a non-vegan uncomfortable. It’s just another clothing store, it just happens to be cruelty-free. Not only to non-human animals, but humans, as well. They make sure to mention that all the clothing is sweatshop-free!

As for the clothing? Cute, comfy, and high quality. Sure, there were some shirts promoting veganism, but for the most part the clothing was for everyone. Winter coats and dresses and hats and shoes, some jewelry and plants for sale…. There was a little of everything.

What I also really liked was that various vegan shops were pitching in to help. The snacks were provided by Dun Well Doughnuts, byChloe, and Rockin’ Raw. Everything was so yummy and beautiful!

I am so glad I decided to make the trek to the Lower East Side to check out Vaute Couture’s store. Positive experiences like this opening matter. Now I can’t wait to bring other people; vegans and non to the store with me next time!


If you’re interested in checking out Vaute Coutoure’s products, you can either go to their store at 114 Stanton street or go to their website:

Instagram: Vaute_NYC —- Twitter: VauteNYC

Here’s what I bought. I love it!


As for the snacks, I have written reviews for byChloe and Dun Well Doughnuts. You can see what I had to say or find their websites at:

Dem some Dun-Well Doughnuts

Bye, Bye, Love. Hello, byChloe!

As for Rockin’ Raw, I am going there in a couple weeks. In the meantime, check out their site:

Now that Mayhem is full of donuts and cupcakes, he says it’s nap time.                                                  Either that or I broke the dog….unnamed-6.jpg

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In the meantime, get satisfied!



P.S. If it’s the puppy you’re more interested in, he is indeed looking for a home! If you would like to know more about adopting Mayhem, just go to and fill out an adoption application!