When the pie hits your eye

Carrots and Peas.

Carrots and PEAS!

Oh, how we love… how you love… how I love… me some carrots and peeeaaass!!

Wrote that song whilst making my pie today. No idea what I was doing, but I knew I was hungry, had pie crust, and I had… well, guess what I had. Yep, carrots and peas. Sweet peas. Canned. So, wonderful things were gonna happen. Fact.

Now, seriously, keep in mind, my knowledge of pie-making is limited to: nothing. Thus, there was much potential for great balls of failure. I was prepared for it and was not happy about it. But, a baker’s gonna bake, bake, bake, bake, bake. Baking a pie, not cake, cake, cake, cake, cake….

Let’s talk ingredients aka things I happened to have in my cupboards:

1- One can of sweet peas and one can of sliced carrots. They were on sale for 99 cents. I see no reason why you would NOT purchase these delectably healthy items.

2- Pie crust. Spelt pie. P-I-E. Just kidding. Ohh, how we laughed! But, for real, it was a spelt pie crust. You can make your own if you’re into wasting time.

3- Spices of choice: Cayenne pepper, cumin, turmeric, salt, pepper.

4- Olive oil and water

5- Garlic and onion powder. You can add whole garlic and onion to the carrots and peas, but powders make me feel like I’m actually cooking.

Now, to jump ahead a bit, I quickly discovered that this pie (shall we call it Parrot Pie?) requires a top crust. So, I totally improvised! For my pie top crust, or the Latin name Pytapkrust I used:

6- Whole wheat flour

7- Vanilla extract, water, and olive oil

8- Baking powder

9- Salt and cinnamon (just a touch)

The first step was putting all the main ingredients in a food processor. Any excuse to use that thing! Once my veggies and spices were all combined, I emptied it all out into the crust. Bellisimo! I actually first baked this for 26 minutes. It was after I took it out and saw how ugly and wiggly it was that I decided we needed a Pytapkrust. So, I mixed all the above ingredients together. I wanted it to be wet enough that I could spread it without going crazy, but dry enough to make a nice, hearty crust thing. It’s all about balance… which is why I cooked while standing on one foot.

After I decided my pie looked pie-ish enough, I put that fella back in the oven for another 14 minutes. Took it out, stabbed it with a knife, burned my entire mouth whilst eating a piece, sliced my knuckle open whilst cleaning the knife, and cried my way back to my favourite dark corner. All while knowing I was now the best pie-maker in all of the east coast.



Am I pleased with what came of this improvised tummy-filler? I am most pleased! You know, the carrots made it pretty and sweet, and the peas made it creamy and healthy. It really was a clever thing to do. I am so clever. I’d served this pie with broccoli and cauliflower on the side and maybe some toast for a little crunch, or mashed potatoes with gravy for some serious comfort fooding.

I’m going to give this recipe 4/5 starry, starry nights.