How I made my first Borscht Pastelón

What happens when a Jewish woman of Eastern European descent attempts to make a beloved Spanish dish? Something delicious? Or disgusting?
Tonight I may be dining on a delicious fusion cuisine for my Saturday night Cheat Meal or I may be wasting an entire, precious plantain. Find out right now on…

Sweet Tooth Travels Presents:

The ingredients in the ring:
1 plantain
1/2 can garbanzo beans (low sodium)
1/2 can black beans (low sodium)
1/4 can sliced beets
1 handful raw kale
A splash of milk alternative of choice – I LOVE the new SILK Protein Nut Milk
Hot sauce or chili pepper flakes – I used both!
Spices and herbs of choice – I threw in jerk seasoning and grounded pepper

Oven at 350 F degrees
Start the plantain cut in half in boiling water. It will take about 45 minutes for the skin to practically be falling off the banana. Once it’s nice and soft and yellow, you can remove them. Peel and mash! Just remember, these are coming out of a pot of boiling water… thus, they are hot. FOOD IS HOT! Hand burning is not part of the recipe, so I am not liable. Just saying.

In a bowl, mix beans and veggies (I splashed in even more hot sauce!) Blend this all together in a processor. Add a little of the juices from the cans, but not too much or it won’t be thick. You can also add veggie meat crumbles to this mixture.



If you suddenly realize that there is a crack on the bottom of your mixing bowl, don’t be dismayed, leaky nut milk and beet juice are beautiful!
Once everything is mashed, squish the plantains around the bottom of your oven-friendly pan. It’ll be like the crust of this pie. Then layer the bean mixture on top. You can also sprinkle your cheese alternative on top. If you’re me, you’ll add more hot pepper and sauce on top. But… I’m a little insane. Cilantro or parsley on top would be nice, too.

Finally,  throw it in the oven for ~10/15 minutes (longer if you upped the ingredients, obviously!)

AND, BAM! Spanish VOILA!
Alternative options would be adding more liquid and making this into a dip with non-dairy sour cream, avocado, salsa, and chips. Throw it in a tortilla. Add tomato sauce on top. Mix it in with your pasta, rice, or steamed veggies… whatever makes you smile! All I know is, this healthy and super delicious dish is ALWAYS best when made with heart and soul!
With Spanish food like this at home, who needs restaurants?
Not this girl!

Nutrition Facts:

1 Plantain
218 calories – 2.3 g Protein – 893 g Potassium –
57 g carbohydrates – 7 mg sodium – 27 g Sugar

1/4 cup black beans – 55
55 calories – 2 g Protein – 88 mg Potassium –
10 g carbohydrates – 110 mg sodium – 0 g Sugar

1/4 cup garbanzo beans – 71 calories
71 calories – 2.97 g Protein – 103 mg Potassium –
13.57 g carbohydrates – 179 mg sodium – 0 g Sugar

1/4 cup beets – 15 calories
15 calories – .55 g Protein – 110 mg Potassium –
3.25 g carbohydrates – 27 mg sodium – 2.3 g Sugar

Total: 359 calories, 7.82 g Protein… and you can do the rest of the math!

Take into account that a big portion of this will be shared with your dog. This is a super nutritious and satisfying meal that everyone will enjoy!
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